Application for Noncredit Online Registration (ANCOR) at Rutgers University is the noncredit registration system implemented university-wide to ensure compliance with the university's policies for noncredit student records and business practices.


ANCOR and NelNet Quikpay Access

Continuing education units and employees who require access to ANCOR and/or NelNet Quikpay, will need to complete two request forms:

To help users understand permission levels for access, users should read through the User Group Definitions before making a selection on the Admin User Request form.

Currently, Rutgers University has contracted with NelNet Quikpay, a PCI compliant payment gateway, for administrative units and users. Please complete the ANCOR Admin User Request Form and check the box for NelNet Access.


Terms of Use

When completing the access forms, administrative users agree to the system's Terms of Use.



To ensure compliance with university standards, the ANCOR support team has created policies for many features within the ANCOR registration system. Users are strongly encouraged to read through these policies that include, but are not limited to: business practices, privacy and student records.