COVID-19 Announcement

For the Winter 2020-21 and Spring 2021 semesters, Rutgers will deliver the vast majority of its classes online. It will offer a limited number of in-person courses that will be confined to topics that require on-site instruction, including clinical health care, lab classes, and fine arts performance.

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Welcome to ANCOR

The Application for Noncredit Online Registration at Rutgers University.


This new noncredit registration system is being implemented university-wide to ensure compliance with the university's policies for noncredit student records and business practices.

ANCOR Access

Continuing education units and employees who will need access to ANCOR as a user will need to complete the ANCOR Request Form. To help users understand the "user definitions,"  users should read through the definitions. Once the ANCOR Request Forms are completed, users should email the forms to the ANCOR Helpdesk at

Data Conversion

Data that will be imported from the unit's current database will include:

  • Student Name
  • Student Billing Address
  • Student Phone
  • Course Descriptions
  • Course Numbers
  • Course Fees
  • Student Registration Records
  • Corporate account names
  • Corporate account address
  • Corporate account primary phone number
  • Instructor names (seen across all branches)

Data that will NOT be imported:

  • Outstanding Student Financial Records
  • Instructor Address
  • Locations (building, rooms, etc.)

New Units

Units have two choices when converting to ANCOR

1. New units that are not looking to import historical data sets from past registration systems can begin to migrate to the system immediately after branch set up is complete. With this option, continuing education units will be creating courses, student records, financial records, and the like from scratch. If your unit is looking to take this approach, you should contact Dalynn Knigge at so we can begin the process.

2. New units that are looking to bring in historical data to the new system will need to schedule a consultation meeting with the ANCOR team.

In preparation for this meeting, the team will need to know the current method of the following:

  • registering students (excel, access, other)
  • advertising courses via the web and mail
  • reconciling and completing financial transactions for students and programs

The team will need to review the data sets that you currently have and create a data map for importing the data to the new registration system. Only after the team has had a chance to review your current data set and create a data map, will a unit receive a "go live" date and suggested dates for training. If your unit is looking to take this approach, you should contact Dalynn Knigge at so we can begin the process.


To ensure compliance with university standards and policies, the ANCOR team has created policies for many features within the ANCOR system. Users are strongly encouraged to read through the numerous new ANCOR policies that include but are not limited to: business practices, certificate templates, privacy, and terms of use.

Sand Box

As a part of the training process, administrative users will be provided access to the "sand box" after their first training session. The sand box is a data playground for administrative users to go in and practice creating student records, course descriptions, and run fictitious reports; the ultimate training method of putting training into practice. Folks can access the sand box with the button to the left.


As of July 2020, the university has implemented a new PCI compliant payment gateway, SchoolPay, for administrative units and users. 

To access SchoolPay as a user, folks will need to complete the SchoolPay Access Request Form. The form can be found on the navigation bar to the left. Once the form is completed and signed, please forward to the ANCOR Helpdesk at Once folks have been given access to SchoolPay as a user, they can gain access to SchoolPay via the button to the left.


It is strongly recommended that administrative users attend training at least twice before their unit's "go-live" date.

Folks signing up for the training sessions will be utilizing the new registration system as a student from the web-end of the application; this will provide new administrative users to see what potential students may see when registering once the system goes live.

Users can access the training schedule via the "Register for Training" button below.

Register for Training



If users require training that is not currently scheduled, they can submit a request via the Schedule a Training Session form.