Special Event Parking Process

By special request, our branches now have the ability to provide a one day, special event, parking permit to their clients for non-credit programs.

There is a form that is required to be filled out and sent to the parking department. This form can be located at: https://gobble.rutgers.edu/events.shtml

Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the Arrange Special Event Parking form. Complete this form and email to eventparking@aps.rutgers.edu. There is no charge to the branches for a special event parking permit.

Please keep in mind, one form for each of your programs is required.  This will require some advanced planning for the branches, as it may take several days to receive notification from the parking department as to the designated lot for your clients to access.

Parking will provide a pdf file for your event, which can then be added as a link within your section or sent to clients via email for printing. 

After the first day of the event the branch will be responsible for providing either a scratch off or a special program hang tag to their clients. 

Charges will apply for Special Program permits. 

This process will provide the parking department notification of programs being held and their locations as well as the convenience for our branches to eliminate mailing of parking hang tags. 

For a complete list of parking rules and regulations relative to non-credit programs, see Rutgers DOTS Program & Event Parking.